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You may have heard a few news reports about a dangerous new drug like Flakka, but unless you have experienced it personally or through an addicted family member you may not understand its true implications. Flakka is often compared to bath salts - another dangerous synthetic drug, although some in law enforcement contend that it is even more dangerous. Whatever the consensus, Louisville flakka addiction treatment centers are on a mission to rid addicts of their substance abuse.

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What Are the Dangerous Effects of This New Drug Call Flakka?

This new and highly dangerous drug is just as addictive as bath salts and similar synthetic drugs. Even though the drug is often sold in convenience stores and sellers may claim it is legal, flakka and drugs like it can be both life-threatening and addictive.

One of the most significant dangers of drugs in this class is a rapid rise in body temperature. Known as hyperthermia, this dangerous side effect has already resulted in tens of thousands of hospitalizations and thousands of deaths and serious injuries.

In fact, these drugs can cause the body's temperature to rise to as much as 106 degrees. Without prompt medical help and proper treatment, a temperature that high can quickly turn deadly.

The rapid rise in body temperature associated with these kinds of drugs can also cause users to become disoriented, and even to take their clothes off and run through the neighborhood. You may have heard news reports about naked people robbing cars, breaking into businesses and acting erratically. It is very likely that these individuals were high on bath salts, flakka or similar substances.

Another thing that makes these kinds of drugs so dangerous and unpredictable is that they often come in powdered form. That allows others with nefarious intent to place flakka, bath salts and other substances in drinks, creating an even more dangerous situation. That is why it is so important for everyone to be aware of this frightening new trend in synthetic drug use - and to get help at the first sign of abuse or addiction.

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