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Louisville Drug Treatment Centers are helping to change the conversation about addiction from a negative to a more positive one. Language that is focused on prevention and treatment rather than outdated stereotypical beliefs can help more people to get the specialized care that can save their lives. At drug treatment facilities, they recognize scientific evidence that supports the fact that addiction is a disease caused in part by genetics, social behavior, and environmental factors. These studies have helped to advance treatment protocols and enhance the recovery process for millions suffering from addiction.

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Services provided at Louisville Drug Treatment Centers are dedicated to helping you find the right rehab center for your addiction.

Treatment facilities incorporate the most advanced evidence-based addiction interventions with other time-tested holistic and traditional programs. They are licensed and accredited dual-diagnosis Drug Treatment Centers specializing in the treatment of a range of addictions and behavioral disorders such as a prescription pill, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, gambling, and eating disorders to name a few.

Clients can expect to receive individualized treatment from a multidisciplinary board certified doctors, nurses, and psychiatrists who are focused on helping you to achieve a full and sustainable recovery. Treatments teams are also qualified to provide emergency medical intervention and administer medication to stabilize severe symptoms of withdrawal.

Treatment Services

Recovery treatment must commence with a thorough physical and psychological evaluation in order to make an accurate diagnosis of the medical and emotional issues facing the patient. Getting to the root cause of addiction help us to tailor treatment programs that address the addiction and other surrounding issues that are unique to the individual.

They also recognize that gender and age contribute to the impact that different substances, duration of use and volume used to have on the individual. As such customized treatment programs are designed based on the patient's health, medical history, environment and genetic factors and provide a unique recovery experience for each patient.

At Drug Treatment Centers in Louisville, they embrace all evidence-based modalities such as medical detoxification, cognitive behavioral therapy, yoga, acupuncture, massage, biofeedback, art therapy, equine therapy, spiritual therapy and much more. Individual, group and family counseling is also an important part of the treatment process. Woven into every rehabilitation program is the goal to achieve full recovery as well as restore balance to body mind and spirit.

In addition to our medical interventions, the ambiance at state-of-the-art facility help patients to feel safe, stress-free and fully supported throughout the treatment process. Patients enjoy sumptuous cuisine, carefully prepared by world class chefs with experience in creating nutritious and delicious meals for every dietary need.

Based on the needs of the patient, treatment options at drug treatment centers in Louisville include:

  • Inpatient medical detox,
  • Residential rehab and
  • Partial hospitalization programs.

Primary goals include helping patients to safely withdraw from habitual drug use and address the underlying causes of addiction. Also provided, are programs that patients can incorporate into their everyday lives to create a sense of balance. Relapse prevention education and training develop important coping strategies that enable abstinence after rehab.

The services provided at rehab facilities are culturally sensitive and meet linguistic standards of competence. We are an adult based center and welcome patients without regard to race, creed, color, gender or sexual preference. At Louisville Drug Treatment Centers, they provide a continuum of care that goes beyond the treatment of addiction.

These local drug treatment centers can help you find a treatment center in Louisville that will meet all your needs. Call us today at (502) 909-3938. We can help.

About Louisville

As one of the oldest cities west of the Appalachian Mountains, Louisville Kentucky is big on history. Nowhere else in the United States, has more preserved Victorian homes than Louisville. It also has one of the largest historically preserved districts in America today. This city of over 600,000 lure visitors for more than their well-preserved Victorian homes.

Louisville is the home of the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Fried Chicken, the greatest baseball bat, the greatest horse race, the greatest boxer (Muhammad Ali) and Bourbon. Louisville produces approximately one-third of all bourbon from major distilleries that are headquartered there. Many say Louisville has so much to offer that visitors have a difficult time deciding what to do first.

Facilities in Louisville

Specialized Alternatives for

Specialized Alternatives for

1169 Eastern Park Way, Suite 3364LouisvilleKentucky  40217
Rating: 4.3
Beacon House Aftercare Program Inc

Beacon House Aftercare Program Inc

963 South 2nd StreetLouisvilleKentucky  40203
Rating: 3.5
Dave Harmon and Associates Inc

Dave Harmon and Associates Inc

Dupont Professional Towers, 4010 Dupont Circle Suite 226LouisvilleKentucky  40207
Rating: 3.2
Life Management Inc

Life Management Inc

116 Bauer AvenueLouisvilleKentucky  40207
Rating: 3.0
Wellstone Regional Hospital

Wellstone Regional Hospital

2700 Vissing Park RoadJeffersonvilleIndiana  47130
Rating: 2.4
Brook Hospital

Brook Hospital

8521 LaGrange RoadLouisvilleKentucky  40242
Rating: 2.2
Brook Hospital Dupont

Brook Hospital Dupont

1405 Browns LaneLouisvilleKentucky  40207
Rating: 2.1
Our Lady of Peace

Our Lady of Peace

2020 Newburg RoadLouisvilleKentucky  40205
Rating: 1.7
Life Improvement Counseling Center LLC

Life Improvement Counseling Center LLC

534 East Court AvenueJeffersonvilleIndiana  47130
Rating: N/A

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AA Meeting Day and Time
Jefferson Street Community Center Sat, 10:00 AM
Bardstown Road Group Wed, 6:30 PM
Bardstown Presbyterian Church Wed, 12:30 PM
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